Career summary

BA—Batting Average;
SA—Slugging Average;
AB—At Bat;
HR—Home Runs;
HR%—Home Run Percentage (number of home runs per 100 times at bat);
R—Runs Scored;
RBI—Runs Batted In;
BB—Bases on Balls (walks);
SB—Stolen Bases;
Pinch-Hit AB/H—At Bats and Hits while Pinch-Hitting;
DP—Double Plays;
TC/G—Total Chances per Game;
FA—Fielding Average;
G by Pos—Games by Position.
* indicates a League record for that year.

A blank space (...) means insufficient data available; unsure about statistics.

†Major League Totals here do not include Hoy’s 1900 season with Chicago, as in Hoy’s Baseball Encyclopedia register.

Sources: The Baseball Encyclopedia (New York: Macmillan, 1990); David S. Neft, Richard M. Cohen, and Jordan Deutsch, The Complete All-Time Pro Baseball Register (New York: Grosset & Dunlap, 1979), p. 23 (based on The Sports Encyclopedia: Baseball); The Sporting News Baseball Register, 1948 Edition.

For Oshkosh and some 1900 statistics: Joseph M. Overfield, 100 Seasons of Buffalo Baseball .

For Pacific Coast League statistics: Spalding’s Official Base Ball Guide for 1903.

N.B.: There are numerous discrepancies between records. For example, Overfield gives Hoy’s 1886 B.A. as .328, and 1887 B.A. as .367; his 1899 B.A. as .318.

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